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Lipsi is one of twelve islands of the Dodecanese and among them is considered a small gem for its unspoilt, authentic look. Actually "Οί Λιπσοι" (The Lipsi) are over twenty small islands, which stretch between Patmos and Leros to the south west, surrounding the mother island to form a diverse archipelago, full of caves and gorges, excavated from the sea over time, that offer safe shelter and hiding places for thousands of migratory birds and even monk seals.


villette and villa "Pigmenos"

"Le Villette" are a small group of 6 houses, connected by pathways and a side street. There is also a car park, a laundry room, two garages and the front office. The houses all have views over the great bay. The village and harbor area with its restaurants, shops and ouzeries are only 5 minutes’ walk. The Pigmenos villa lies about one kilometre from the village and has a splendid view: the group of local islands, including the famous Macronissi and in the distance the island of Patmos, towards the setting sun. The promontory on which it stands, ends in beaches on either side; one pebble, the other white sand: a miniature paradise.


Near to Lipsi

Near Lipsi, as well as the islands of Leros and Patmos, there are many other islands in the archipelago of Lipsi. To the south of the harbor, there are seven small islands grouped together. The largest and best known of these is appropriately called Makronissi, big-island. Among the special features of Macronissi there is a cave that has a short underwater passage leading to a natural swimming pool, surrounded by rocks where monk seals probably take shelter. Further south, not to be missed are the dazzling cliffs of Aspronissi, with its immaculate beach.

  • ARKI

    The small town of about 40-50 people, is gathered around its sheltered, enclosed harbour, teaming with little fishing boats. Lying on the southeast coast of Arki, where there is a small town within walking distance, Tiganakia has a sandy beach and incredibly crystal-clear azure waters. Patches of brown algae give the appearance of the coat of a fantastic leopard seal.

  • locality


    Only two families still live here, running the two taverns on the beach, selling souvenirs and offering accommodation to those who want some peace and quiet. The beach is long and sandy, with generous tamarisk trees offering shade for picnics and naps..


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