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Those who have visited already know why; for anyone who has not, we suggest you come on holiday and find out. The real reasons why we love this little Greek island are its unspoilt, authentic look, its Mediterranean colours and smells, with a character lost in time, the many beaches, often deserted, the countless islands that surround it ... but above all, the feeling of well-being, entering the soul of those who spend a few days. Appreciated by those who don’t like crowds, Lipsi is ideal for relaxing, adopting its quiet and natural rhythm. Lipsi is one of the twelve islands of the Dodecanese and among them is considered a small gem. Some say Lipsi might be the mythical Ogygia, island of the goddess Calypso. Actually "Οί Λιπσοι" (The Lipsi) are over twenty small islands, which stretch between Patmos and Leros to the south west, surrounding the mother island to form a diverse archipelago, full of caves and gorges, excavated from the sea over time, that offer safe shelter and hiding places for thousands of migratory birds and even monk seals. The island of Lipsi has quite a small area. You can get everywhere on foot by little trails that crisscross the Island. There is also a minibus service connecting the village to the main beaches Or with a scooter trips are faster and you can easily reach all the beaches and places of interest with greater freedom. The Port describes nearly a perfect circle and the wide bay is teaming with little, colourful fishing boats with their yellow nets; here are most of the restaurants, ouzeries (bars), shops and facilities; activities on the island are concentrated here. In the afternoon, the port is silent and still. However in the evening it comes alive with lights and people, always chilled. Opposite the mouth of the harbor, there’s a group of seven small islands. The largest and best known of these is appropriately called Makronissi, big-island. Among the special features of Macronissi there is a cave, where through a short underwater passage you discover a natural swimming pool, completely surrounded by rocks. Perhaps the monk seals too, find shelter here. The dazzling cliff above the unspoilt beach of Aspronissi, which means white island. Although "Aspros" means, more precisely a clear complexion, and thus beautiful. When you arrive you get dazzled by the pristine whiteness. Tiganakia: one of the most beautiful bays of the Aegean. This spot is a must for boat, day trippers. Lying on the southeast coast of Arki, where there is a small town within walking distance, Tiganakia has a sandy beach and incredibly crystal-clear azure waters. Patches of brown algae give the appearance of the coat of a fantastic leopard seal.The scene is evocative and picturesque. The sea here is quite shallow and you can touch the bottom even if you are quite far from shore: swimming here is a memorable experience. Arki. The small town of about 40-50 people, is gathered around its sheltered, enclosed harbour, teaming with little fishing boats. The town square doubles as a mooring pier. Under a beautiful pergola, there is a humble taverna Marathi . Only two families still live here, running the two taverns on the beach, selling souvenirs and offering accommodation to those who want some peace and quiet. The beach is long and sandy, with generous tamarisk trees offering shade for picnics and naps. Lipsi is therefore a magical place of inspiring sparkling light Lipsi jealously keeps hold of its rhythm of genuine, traditional life Lipsi does not let go easily, and then, when you leave, is still inside you, like a love story




"Lipsi does not let go easily , and then , when you left , you is still inside, like a love story"


    The journey to this ' friendly island ' quite long but this increases the taste of conquest and creates expectation that is absolutely not disappointed


    The white churches with the blue profiles , scattered to shore every corner , even the most ' remote , are as many families of ' island has about 800 inhabitants.


    Lipsi is Greece that wants to preserve its ancient essence